VFD Control Panel

Types Of VFD (Variable Frequency Drives) Panel We Offer

VFD Control Panel

Motor Control VFD Panel 

Almost every control panel has some form of motor control circuitries and one of those circuitries is most likely utilizing a VFD to control the speed, direction, and start/stop of a motor. Keltour has the full capability in designing and manufacturing  of VFD panels according to your needs and specifications; from fractional horsepower to large 500 Horsepower motors at various voltages.

Conveyor Control System VFD Panel 

Keltour VFD conveyor system panels are used in many industries as a standard piece of mechanical equipment to move goods, products, and other materials from one location to another which requires a precision control of movement between groups of motors. We specialized in VFD control panel design and build for various types of conveyor systems.

Explosion proof VFD  Control Panel 

VFD panels located in hazardous areas are becoming more mainstream.  With the panel located closer to the field, it reduces the installation cost where the installer doesn’t have to run long distances for cable installation compared to if the panel has to be located in a non-hazardous area.  Keltour has the capability to design and build VFD panels to various industry standards such as, but not limited to, Class I & II, Division 1 & 2 (Zone 1 & 2). They can be designed using various types of techniques such as in an explosion proof enclosure or purging and pressurization system.

Features & Specs (For Variable Frequency Drive Panel )


  • Complete motor/pump control solution using VFDs
  • Line reactors (3% or 5% to reduce harmonic distortion)
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Bypass (Keeps the system running even if the VFD fails)
  • PLC (For more advanced operations)
  • Surge protector
  • Modem
  • Motor starters / overloads

Certifications and Testing

Keltour Is a CSA, UL, CE Certified shop and we offer other certification as well. For a complete list visit LEARN MORE

What is Variable Frequency Drive Panel?

A VFD control panel is designed to safely control the speed of the electric motor and feed pump. The panel provides manual control for servicing and auto control for the automated system based on specific needs.

The VFD panel also provides remote control to motors and pumps. Adjustable speed.

Industries That Benefit From Our Power Distribution Units

Industries that benefits from our Variable Frequency Drives are: Pumping Stations / Water and Wastewater Treatment / Delivery Services / Conveyor Systems / Mining / Manufacturing


“Keltour worked on a project for us that involved the procurement of materials, assembly, wiring and FAT of over 150 open style racks. Keltour was easy to work with and provided excellent project communication during this project’s timeline.” – Utility Client

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