Keltour Portable Power Cart

Project: Keltour Portable Power Cart

Let’s talk about everything you need to know about Keltour Portable Power Cart. Typically, these carts are used in areas where the customer only has access to primary power, areas such as construction zones and Plant shutdowns for maintenance.

keltour portable power cart project

“These carts were designed with portability being the main focal point. All of our carts include wheels and are 32 inches wide, which is narrow enough to maneuver through any standard doorway. They are also equipped with forklift provisions as well as lifting eyes which can be used to transverse rougher terrains”.

All Carts are designed with Dual adjustable incoming voltage of 480v or 600v.

This Portable Power Cart was designed with efficiency and portability being paramount. All carts are customizable to the clients needs.
Some basic configuration/features and specifications

  • Welding receptacles
  • 120/208VAC GFCI receptacles, 15A, 20A, 30A…etc
  • Universal 480/600VAC Inputs, selectable
  • Disconnect switches
  • 15KVA, 30KVA or 75KVA transformers

Located at the top of the cart, there are two hollow poles that are built to be used as forklift provisions. The main purpose is to allow forklifts to relocate the carts to different sites/levels when necessary. These power carts are designed to fit standard door widths to ensure that they can successfully fit through a doorway. These carts are designed and built to CSA standards and are ESA certified. Keltour also offers other certification such as Class1,Division 1 explosion proof carts, these are done on a as needed basis depending on customer design requirements.

Portable power cart

These carts can be equipped with the following styles of receptacles and can be modified through the customization process.

  1. 60A or 30A, 3 phase welding receptacles which utilize the same voltage as the incoming, these receptacles can be arktite, meltric or any other variation which can be selected
  2. 60A or 30A, 3 phase welding receptacles 208 Line to Line voltage, customization of these receptacles are also possible based on your need and site equipment. 
  3. Standard 2 phase receptacle, at 208 Line to Line voltage
  4. Standard 120 Line to Neutral receptacles

This power cart can be configured with 15KVA, 30KVA, 45KVA and 75KVA (or larger) transformers based on your demand on the 208 line to line voltage side.

As illustrated below, the yellow plugs are powered at 208 volts and are used specifically for welding equipment or other equipment utilizing that voltage.The grey plugs are used for standard voltages at 120 volts and are typically used to power drills, heat guns and stereos.

120 volts power cart


Customizing the Portable Power Cart to your Requirements:


At Keltour, depending on your specific requirements we can design and customize a cart exactly as you want it. Standard configurations are 120 volt receptacles, 208 receptacles which are configurable with the transformer size. Typical transformer sizes are 15KVA, 30KVA, 45KVA and 75KVA. We have standard products on the shelf or can design to you specific needs.


Frequently Asked Questions about Portable Power Carts:


What exactly powers the power cart?

Let’s imagine that you have a factory shutdown and only have the main power available. These carts can accommodate the main incoming power.This cart will provide the protection that is needed to run all of the other critical tools and equipment that allows workers to keep using standard tools required to work safely. 

As a customer, if I had 480 or 600 voltages would I have to order a specific cart?

NO! This cart has dual voltage selection as a standard which means that it is built for both 480 and 600 volts. The voltage selection is actually done through the transfer switch between the two voltages.

Keltour can design with other voltages if needed.
Are you interested in learning more about the Portable Power Cart or other products that Keltour has to offer? Feel free to visit our Website or contact us at 1-888-335-6090 for more information!