Power Distribution Panels

Types Of Power Distribution Units We Offer

Portable Power Solutions 


These power carts can provide 480/600V direct power straight from the source. Each output circuit is protected by a fused disconnect switch for safety and easy isolation.

Transfer Switch Panels

Keltour Transfer switch panels allow power to easily switch between two or more sources of incoming power to keep the load functioning with zero down-time.

Disconnects Panels 

Keltour Disconnect panels break a main incoming power to a panel from a separate location for maintenance or safety reasons.

Standard Modified Distribution Panels

Standard Modified Distribution Panels

Keltour Standard Modified Panels allow us to source and configure your distribution needs, Modified distribution Panels will have an incoming feed to individually controlled circuit breakers for load protection.

Keltour is a certified “c CSA us” and “c UL us” shop for up to 600V – 600A and can arrange special ESA approval for requirements outside this scope. Whether you require one custom distribution enclosure, or multiple same or “similar” panels, we can meet your requirements. Keltour offers options such as  special paint, custom enclosure dimensions and features or environmental requirements such as NEMA 4/4X, Unit Substation, Class 1 Div. 2. Or more see certifications

Features & Specs (For Power Distribution Units)

  • AC or DC panelboards
  • Busbar distribution
  • Dead front access
  • Portable 
  • Quick connects 

Certifications and Testing

Keltour Is a CSA, UL, CE Certified shop and we offer other certification as well. For a complete list visit LEARN MORE

What is a Power Distribution Unit?

Power distribution is dividing a power source that’s typically fed into a main large amperage breaker into multiple lower amperage individual breakers to protect individual loads. 

Dead Front allows safe access to the breakers without any hazard or risk of shock. Dead Front can be opened for access to all of the internal components, this access can be key lockable to ensure that only trained personnel have access to the internals.

power distribution panel

Industries That Benefit From Our Power Distribution Units

Industries that benefit from our Power Distribution Units are Wind / Solar / Oil/Gas / Nuclear / Mining / Industrial / Hydro / Rental / Private Utilities / Pharmaceutical / Large Automation Plants / Robotic and Manual Welding Stations /E-houses

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“I strongly recommend Keltour Controls, Inc. as a reliable, cost effective solution to Power Distribution requirements.” – Automative Client

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