PLC Control Panels

Types Of PLC Control Panels We Offer

process control

Process Control 

A PLC panel can provide the ability to monitor and adjust a process to give a desired output in a larger panel. Can be used for temperature, flow, level and speed control just to name a few. Allows for the user easy access and flexibility to adjust control parameters.

Material Handling

A PLC panel can be used for automated transport of loose bulk materials by the use of such equipment as conveyor belts, screw conveyors, hoppers, stackers and bucket elevators.


pump control

Pump Control

Any requirement where a pump output can be automatically turned on or off or the output flow regulated using level or pressure sensing in a well or tank. With PLC control, parameters such as level, flow, pressure can be adjusted and monitored. PLC controls will provide the ability to convey any alarms either visually to the plant floor, or to a plant monitoring system.

Safety Panels 

In critical applications where automation may cause harm to either people, machinery or facilities, a safety PLC may be utilized. This type of safety PLC will have built-in fail-safe features and redundancy. Time and money can be reduced when utilizing a safety PLC, as fewer hardwired safety relays will be required. This will also provide more flexibility reducing rewiring time if the application requirements change.


Explosion Proof Panels

This type of panel usually will be installed in environments where concentrations of flammable gases or vapors are present. Typically, these areas are classified by zones. Depending on the zone classification, equipment which is installed in the enclosure must be rated for that classification. various types of equipment based be utilized within the enclosure.

Robot Control

Robot Control Panels 

PLC Controls for Robots are used to integrate a robot into a manufacturing process. It will provide the go, no go signals to the robot controller and monitor it’s position and status.

Certifications and Testing

Keltour Is a CSA, UL, CE Certified shop and we offer other certification as well. For a complete list visit LEARN MORE  

What is a PLC Control Panel?

A PLC panel is a control panel designed & manufactured for a specific process, housing a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). PLC Programming powers an industrial computer that monitors inputs, makes decisions based on inputted logic which in turn controls the state of output devices.

PLC Programming

Industries That Benefit From Our Control Panels

Industries that benefits from our PLC Control Panels are:
Mining / Water / Oil & Gas / OEM Manufacturing / Steel / Utilities / Automotive


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