Panel Integration, E-House & Turnkey Solutions

Panel Integration, E-House & Turnkey Solutions

At Keltour we offer Complete Panel Integration of our control systems if required. A typical integration starts with our client having a process or problem they need achieved through power distribution and automation, either existing or from scratch. If the project is being fully engineered, we would require the following to get started.  

  • Engineering Projects–Single Line Drawings, P & ID or written conceptual narrative.
  • Pre-Engineered Projects – drawings or Customer Bom’s
  • Specifications that outline Standards (if available)
  • Certifications the customer is requesting (if Available)

Once we receive this information, we are able to put a road map together on what your exact needs and wants are (see Engineering for full offerings). Once we receive and discuss all major requirements, Keltour would put a Preliminary Bill of Material together and evaluate the full integration needs. Integration needs are as complex as full system design or basic wiring of panels onsite.

Typical integration requirements:


  • Installation of control panels onsite
  • E-House integration
  • Programming and onsite commissioning
  • Project management

*Keltour can always review your requirements if they are not listed here.