E-House Manufacturing

Types Of E-Houses We Offer

Custom E-Houses 

Keltour Is your one stop shop for full turnkey E-House design and builds. Keltour’s team can build from pre engineered packages or Keltour can provide a fully Engineered solution depending on your design requirements. Keltour E-Houses are electrical houses that are prefabricated walk-in modular metal houses/enclosures. They house Protection and Control Panels, medium and low voltage, Marshalling cabinets, Battery banks switchgears and other auxiliary equipment necessary to operate the industrial/utility applications requested for onsite. E-Houses are fully functional tested and ready for operation when delivered. Call us today for engineering or build to print quotations. For engineering requirements on system design and more please see Keltour Service options below. 

Benefits of Keltour Turnkey E-Houses 

  • Reduced site work required, for a higher level of safety and security
  • Reduce expenses onsite where labour is scarce.
  • Simplified commercial agreement,Harmonized payment terms and warranty period
  • Fully engineered, assembled and tested for rapid deployment
  • Turnkey solution minimizing responsibility for equipment/coordination of onsite  labour 
  • Modular design that are flexible to fit customer specific requirements
  • Single point of contact to execute the project package
  • Shorter startup and commissioning time
  • Reduced complexity

Keltour Pre-Fabricated buildings and panel designs are offered in standard and custom sizes, and include full electrical packages, CWDs, SCADA and Marshalling Panels Layout and Details ceiling cable tray systems, insulation, doors, windows, flooring, interior wall finishes and roof covering made with either wood framing or steel. 

Shipping Containers

Keltour can utilize existing Shipping Container footprints and provide a cost effective modular solution for your more basic needs. We are flexible and cost conscious for any design ideas that are client request, with quality being at the forefront of all our delivered end products. Call us today for engineering or build to print quotations. For engineering requirements on system design and more please see Keltour Service options below. 

Key offering (For E-Houses)


  • Project management
  • E-House, P&C Panel design with complete integration
  • Full project design for E-House, Electrical panels, including

EWD & CWD including cable schedules.

  • AutoCAD design software


  • E-House builds and integration
  • Complete control panels
  • Protection and Control Panels
  • Battery Banks/UPS 
  • Scada Panels 
  • Metering Panels 


  • FAT Document preparation
  • Internal wiring/continuity checks (point to point verification)
  • Panel Energization
  • Secondary Injection During Test
  • Digital Input/output checks
  • HI-POT Testing
  • Analog Current/ Voltage checks.
  • Download the setting file within the relays &
  • PLC


Our field support technicians have expertise and training in trouble-shooting, system debugging, programming, and systems Integration.

Certifications and Testing

Keltour Is a CSA, UL, CE Certified shop and we offer other certification as well. For a complete list visit LEARN MORE

What is an E-House?

An E-House solution is a cost effective, risk reduced alternative to conventional concrete block and brick construction. Each E-House is designed around a fixed set of requirements, the E-House is sized and designed around the electrical equipment site footprint limitations and logistics considerations and end users interfacing requirements. Keltour offers standard and customized engineered solutions to meet all clients requests.


Industries That Benefit From Our Control Panels

Industries that benefits from our E-Houses’s are: Wind and Solar Farms / Construction sites / Rental companies / Remote areas / Manufacturing Facilities / Maintenance Shutdowns / New construction.


Learn more about E-House integration services,design and manufacturing by the engineering team at Keltour by reading through our most frequently asked questions.


Prefabricated walk-in enclosures that contain sensitive electrical and mechanical equipment that requires protection. An E-House solution is a cost effective, risk reduced alternative to conventional concrete block and brick construction. Each E-House module is custom engineered to meet application requirements with respect to equipment layout, site footprint limitations and logistics considerations.

An E-House is an electrical enclosure or house that is pre-manufactured and features a full list of potential items that we install and integrated These E-houses host: 

  • Protection and control panels 
  • Low and medium voltage systems 
  • Marshaling cabinets 
  • Battery bank 
  • switchgear 
  • Doors 
  • Windows
  • Flooring
  • Interior wall furnishings 
  • Motor control center
  • Switches 
  • Breakers 
  • Fire detection and alarm systems 
  • Air conditioning & heating systems 
  • CCTV capabilities 
  • Battery rooms 
  • Additional supplementary equipment that is required to function in industrial applications on work-sites. 

These E-House can be completely customized for your application and can be fully ready to operate as soon as they are delivered to your on-site work location. Furthermore, they are a low-cost, risk-free alternative to conventional concrete blocks and stone buildings. Every E-house is developed to suit a specific set of requirements. In other words, because of their diverse range of applications, each one is specifically tailored and unique to the needs of the consumers. Their modular design is produced entirely to reduce setup, commissioning, and startup duration. In addition, each E-house is sized and built to fulfill the electrical equipment & onsite footprint constraints.

Industries that can benefit from these types of electrical enclosures include: 

  • Wind and solar farms 
  • Electrical utilities
  • Telecommunications shelter
  • Generator enclosure
  • Control center
  • Mines 
  • Constructions sites 
  • Rental companies 
  • Switchyards
  • And more 

At Keltour, we proudly provide standardized and customizable solutions to satisfy the needs of all clients, regardless of the size and scope of their project at hand.

Each and every E-House is carefully designed to ensure safety is the utmost priority during and after the construction period. Each house is designed to a minimum of local building code. Some increased safety features available include fire detection,CCTV,alarm systems and more.

Keltour has years of experience integrating E-Houses. We uphold safety at each stage of production to ensure the final product provided to your business exceeds industry safety standards. Furthermore, before the final enclosure is shipped to your business, it will undergo stringent testing.

There are numerous benefits your business can experience when owning an E-House. Here is a closer look at some of these benefits: 

  • Reduce expenditures on site. 
  • Mobile asset (relocatable)
  • Highly durable against extreme weather conditions 
  • Shorter startup and commissioning time
  • Reduced complexity

E-Houses are constructed of numerous materials. Some of the most common materials used include: 

  • Galvanized steel 
  • Rock wool thermal insulation 
  • Powder coating & two-part polyurea coating
  • Spray foam
  • Carbon steel 
  • Stainless steel 
  • And more 

Materials chosen to construct an E-House are highly durable, weather resistant, and resistant to other forms of damage. 

Do you require E-House solutions for your business? If so, Keltour offers innovative, integrated E-House solutions that are customizable to your unique needs. Call and speak with one of the Keltour representatives for more information or fill out an online form, and someone from our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

We look forward to working with you. 


“Keltour has been an excellent partner for over a decade. Keltour manages many different box build assemblies and ensures we know all lead time concerns as they arise.” – Entertainment Client

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