Factory Acceptance Testing

Factory Acceptance Testing

Keltour Factory acceptance testing is a process to ensure that a system is built and operating in compliance with design specifications. Its main purpose is to debug any errors and document the results of the testing at the factory prior to shipment. Both the buyer and manufacturer benefit from this testing because it assures that the equipment meets its contractual specifications and any issues can be debugged before arriving in the customers hands. 

Comprehensive FAT Inspection

FAT inspection is customized based on the specific equipment and requests of the customer; however, it includes a variety of conformity checks and verifications such as but not limited to.

  • Panel energization
  • Secondary current/ voltage injections
  • Digital Input/output testing
  • Analog current/ Voltage check
  • Downloading Setting files within the Relay
  • Air pressure tests
  • Water tests
  • Program validation

*Special FAT can be accommodated as required.